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fast crime scene cleanup response time

We can generally be on-scene within 1-3 hours of your initial call. From any location in the U.S.

ACrime Clean Up

Crime Cleanup offers professional crime scene clean up services to corporations and home owners alike.

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We offer nationwide service. Call toll free and speak to one of our customer care dispatch centers today.

BBlood Cleanup

Blood Cleanup in any manner is something we should never have to experience in our lives, but unfortunately, it does happen.

3Insurance Accepted

We work with all insurance companies, it's possible this service is covered under your insurance policy.

CBiohazard Cleanup

Biohazard Cleanup technicians should be insured, licensed, bonded, and trained on a continuous basis.

Crime Scene Clean up

In the event you or someone you know has experienced tragedy such as violent crime, an industrial accident, unattended death, suicide, or auto accident (to name a few) we are the company you need to call on for your crime clean up services. We have over a decade in the crime scene clean up business and have gained a nationwide presence due to our outstanding reputation with police departments, fire departments, first responders, and investigators—but most importantly, with our customers that have called on us for our services.

Our services range from blood clean up, death clean up, injury clean up, hazmat clean up, hoarding clean up, to tear gas remediation, infectious disease clean up, and clean up of all contaminants associated with the location. Our crime scene clean up services have gained the reputation for providing the most professional and thorough crime clean up in the U.S.

More than a crime scene clean up business, we are a biohazard clean up service that is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We guarantee our technicians will be at your home or business within 2 hours of your call. You will never be routed through voice mail, as all of our calls are answered by knowledgeable personnel who will begin the process of helping you to get your life back as it was before the tragic incident. We can even put you in touch with outside resources such as counseling, churches, funeral directors, and any organization that can step in to help you and your family get through a very difficult period.

Our technicians are caring and compassionate and are highly trained in the field of crime scene clean up. They undergo routine training to the level that they are qualified to train first responders, firefighters, police officers, and forensic investigators. They are trained on the best methods of how to approach, assess, clean and discard of biohazard waste in their crime scene clean up efforts. They are compliant with all local, federal and state rules and regulations for any crime scene clean up situation.

Crime clean up is something no one ever thinks about until it happens to you or someone that you know. Since this a subject that no one ever brings up in general conversation, when such a thing happens in our lives, we are at a loss as to whom to turn to, what to do, who cleans up after the police and investigators have left the crime scene, and what comes next?

Our crime scene clean up services have gained a nationwide presence and we now have offices located throughout the contiguous U.S. All of our technicians are licensed, bonded, certified, trained, work on an hourly basis, and undergo continuous training. We are more than a crime clean up company; we are an accredited biohazard crime scene clean up service that steps in to help bring your life back to normal again.

Our company was founded out of necessity, knowing this was not something the grieving family should have to face. After much research on the subject over a decade ago, and to the owner’s surprise, not many companies existed at the time that could step in and help people to regain order and peace in their lives once again after such a tragedy.

We realized that due to the growing rate of crime happening in large cities, that their services were very much needed. Crime scene clean up has to be approached very carefully, and many never stop to think about the risks involved in cleaning a crime scene area. Our technicians are trained and in complete compliance with OSHA, DOT, EPA, and have taken course studies with the CDC on how to properly dispose of biohazardous waste that is present during crime scene clean up. It is imperative that you never undertake this task on your own as you will put yourself at risk for any number of airborne, bloodborne, or waterborne pathogens. Let us perform a professional crime clean up in your home or office so you will be safe and on your way back to peace of mind and a normal life once again.

Our crime scene cleanup services begin with your phone call, no matter what time of day or night you need our services, and we will have a crew at your home or business within 2 hours from your call; this is our guarantee. You will never be left out of the loop, and we will be with you every step of the way to help get your life back in order.

Crime scene cleanup is not something a family or individual should have to face alone. Our technicians are trained in this field and they know that more often than not, a crime scene can contain any number of diseases from bacteria or viral contaminants about which most people would never give a second thought. For this reason alone, you should never attempt a crime scene cleanup on your own.

Our operators will immediately take your phone call, dispatch the technicians and they will be there on time, and fully equipped to handle any situation. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our knowledgeable technicians or operators, as they are compassionate, caring and understanding. They understand that this is something you did not ever expect to happen in your life, and they will stand by you from the beginning and even after the crime scene cleanup is complete.

Due to the growing need of professional crime scene cleanup, our company has gained a national presence and we can reach out to you anywhere within the United States. Call us today for compassionate, caring, and professional crime scene cleanup services. You should never have to face tragedy alone, and we will make sure you can count on us.

Suicide Cleanup

Suicide that results in the loss of a loved one is never something we should have to experience in our lives, but unfortunately, it does happen. Helping a friend in need after a suicide is what started our company because the founders realized something such as this should never be left to the family to clean up after. That is why we offer suicide cleanup so families won’t have to deal with the aftermath of such a tragic situation.

In the event of suicide, the area is treated as a crime scene investigation until all evidence proves that it was indeed a suicide. The investigation can be ongoing until all parties are satisfied, and after the investigation, comes the suicide cleanup. This is where we step in.

Our technicians are hand selected due to their level of compassion, their fortitude to do an unpleasant job that benefits families and loved ones so they are not faced with the task, and their willingness to help in every way possible. When you give us a call for suicide cleanup services, your call will be answered immediately and promptly handled and our technicians will be on the premises in less than 2 hours.

We are a suicide cleanup, but more importantly, we are a biohazard cleanup service. This means that the area affected will be 100% sanitized, cleaned, and gone over with a fine-tooth comb to ensure no evidence will be left behind of the tragic event. The materials will be disinfected and sanitized according to OSHA and EPA standards and regulations and all materials will be properly disposed of. Once the area is cleaned and sanitized, you will be presented a certificate with a checklist for insurance purposes as most insurance companies will cover our suicide cleanup services.

In your darkest hours, we will be there for you to help you get through this tragic time. Our technicians can also offer you resources to help you find the right organization such as grief counseling, funeral arrangements, or temporary housing. You may feel like you are all alone, but you aren’t: we are just one phone call away and ready to help with the suicide cleanup process whenever you need us.

Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazardous materials are contagions that present a threat to humans and animals such as the following: parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi, prions, rickettsia and biologically active agents such as toxins, allergens, or venoms that can threaten living organisms and cause danger to the environment or to the general public. In the event you may find yourself faced with these contaminants in your home or business due to a crime or industrial accident, then you need to call in a professional biohazard cleanup company such as ours.

Our technicians are insured, licensed, bonded, and trained on a continuous basis in the field of biohazard cleanup services. They are experts in the treatment and disposal of all biohazardous materials that may be present in your facility after a violent crime or fatal accident has occurred. Due to the growing demand, we now offer our biohazard cleanup services throughout the United States. Our team of professionals is capable of the biohazard remediation of hazardous materials such as chemicals found in tear gas, biological fluids including blood and bodily fluids, and chemical spills or accidents that occur in industrial settings.

We are in compliance with the EPA, OSHA, and DOT in the treatment and removal of all biohazardous materials and will leave your home or office sanitized and treated to federal and state government safety standards and specifications. Numerous diseases are present in bloodborne, airborne and waterborne pathogens. It is never advisable to clean a contaminated area on your own, or to hire a routine cleaning service that is not trained in dealing with biohazard materials.

When dealing with biohazard materials, they must be cleaned, sanitized, removed, contained, and taken to an approved landfill that accepts sanitized biohazardous materials. Our biohazard cleanup company follows all state, federal and local governing laws when it comes to properly handling all biohazardous materials. Call us today for professional biohazard cleanup services in your area.

Blood Cleanup

If you have been a victim of crime that resulted in blood or bodily fluids left on your premises, we ask you to consider calling our company before you attempt the blood cleanup on your own. We offer clean up services for crime scenes for one very important reason: to keep our customers from becoming contaminated by the “unknown” pathogens blood and bodily fluids can contain.

Our company has not grown to a nationwide presence for no reason. These days, the demand for crime scene cleanup has grown due to escalated violence in our country. This is unsettling news, at best. If you have become a victim of crime or you know of someone that has, then you have reached the most professional, compassionate, and caring company around that can thoroughly remediate your property through proper blood cleanup services.

Our technicians know how to handle a traumatic situation. After the crime scene investigation is over, you or your loved ones can be faced with a disheveled mess left by the investigation process. Now is the time that you will need to place a call to our company for the blood cleanup process. Our technicians will leave your home or facility in 100% sanitized condition, and properly dispose of the waste according to OSHA standards, rules, and regulations. Your home will be guaranteed safe to live in once again, with nothing left behind as a painful reminder.

Blood and bodily fluids pose an immediate health risk if not properly handled and disposed of. Carpets, walls, furniture, window treatments or bedding have the potential to harbor infectious diseases from bloodborne pathogens. Any number of diseases may lurk on these surfaces such as AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis B or C, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, just to name a few. Our technicians wear respirators, and full safety gear that allows them to thoroughly and safely remove all harmful pathogens during the professional blood cleanup services they provide. We are available 24/7 and located throughout the U.S. for your convenience. Be safe; call us for blood cleanup services that you can trust.

Death Cleanup

Death is always difficult to deal with, but an untimely death due to a violent crime or tragic accident makes it all the more difficult to bear. Our company understands what families go through during these tragic events, and that’s why we have gained a number one, nationwide presence across the United States as a caring and compassionate death cleanup and biohazard remediation company.

Because we are a biohazard remediation company you can be assured that we are compliant with all local and state safety laws and regulations. We are OSHA, DOT, and EPA compliant and all of our technicians are insured, undergo extensive background checks and training, and will do a complete and thorough job of leaving your home or office free of all contaminants. This is our guarantee to you.

Our death cleanup services are guaranteed to leave your facility 100% deodorized and sanitized. You will find our technicians knowledgeable, methodic, and thorough. They can help you with any concerns or questions you may have before, during and after the death cleanup process has taken place.

Biohazard remediation is imperative to the safety and well being of all humans and pets alike after a violent crime has caused the area to become contaminated with blood or bodily fluids. Biohazardous materials thrive in blood and bodily fluids and the diseases that may be present can cause any number of illnesses such as AIDS, Hepatitis A or C, and offer a breeding ground for bacteria and viral components in which to thrive.

When you call us for death cleanup services, your home will become the place you looked forward to going home to at the end of the day once again. There will be no harmful contaminants or painful reminders left behind.

When tragedy strikes, and after the crime scene investigation is over, call us and we will get to work on making your life livable once again. As long as you need our help, we will extend a helping hand or a listening ear to help you get through this tragic ordeal so you can move forward and put the pain behind you. Give us a call today and let us handle the death cleanup for you and your family in a thoughtful, professional, and compassionate manner.

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